HR and Community Outreach Specialist

Bengaluru • Full Time • 0-2 years

Job mission

As a HR and Community Outreach Specialist at Incresco, your mission will be to enhance our team dynamics, attract top-tier talent, and significantly expand our brand presence through strategic internal and external community engagement. This role aims to create a vibrant culture that supports Incresco's growth and elevates our external reputation through innovative HR practices and community initiatives.

Role summary

In this multifaceted position, you will be responsible for blending your expertise in human resources, recruitment, and community outreach to make a direct impact on our company culture, growth, and public image. Your role will serve as the cornerstone for developing and implementing strategies that align our HR efforts with business goals while fostering an inclusive and engaging work environment.


Talent Acquisition: Lead efforts to recruit and retain exceptional talent, ensuring Incresco attracts and nurtures the best minds in the industry.

HR Strategies: Develop and implement HR initiatives that align with Incresco's business objectives, promoting a positive and inclusive internal culture.

Community Engagement: Actively organize and participate in community events, workshops, and conferences to bolster brand awareness and establish Incresco as a thought leader in the tech space.

Relationship Building: Foster relationships with key community partners, such as local universities and industry groups, to enhance our talent pipeline and community involvement.

Internal Events Management: Create and oversee internal events and programs that drive employee engagement, inclusion, and a strong sense of community within Incresco.

HR Support: Provide guidance and support for HR-related queries from employees and management, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution process.

Policy Evaluation: Regularly assess and refine HR and community engagement policies to ensure they align with our organizational goals and adhere to legal standards.

communication skills
Team Collaboration
Event Managment
Legal Knowledge
Creative Strategy
Interpersonal Skills
Talent Acquisition